Find top developers
through projects

Hire developers that are a perfect match for your requirements.


Get matched based on what you work on

By leveraging project based hiring, developers get to showcase their work while managers use that to filter for relevant job candidates.

Step #1

Developers create their profiles and add up to 3 Github Projects to our listings.

Step #2

Hiring managers find projects that are aligned with their teams tech stack and tasks.

Step #3

Managers can then reach out to the developers to talk about opportunities!

Hiring is broken

We keep hearing it. Employers spending months trying to find the right candidate. Developers frustrated at being passed up for roles they would be a great fit for. The current hiring process is just not cut out to fill this gap.


Project based hiring

We fix this broken process by flipping the script. Rather than trying to find candidates based on outdated and irrelevant credentials, we match you with developers through projects.

Find the project. Find the developer.

Discover projects, and ultimately, developers that match your requirements.


A better way to hire

Find awesome developers by focusing on the work they have done.

  • Better matches

    Find developers who are well versed in the technology stack you want to use and who have built projects that resemble what you want to build.

  • Find hidden gems

    Discover talented developers who are being ignored because of outdated hiring practices and biases.

  • Great value

    Get rising stars on your team for reasonable rates before they become super stars.

  • Faster onboarding

    Hire developers who can hit the ground running since they have already built something you want.

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