Get hired based on your work


We've all been there. Sending resumes down a black hole never to hear back. Dealing with HR people who are reading off a checklist of requirements that they don't really understand. Going through months of algo-fueled interviews.

The Software Engineer job process can be frustrating, challenging and often times unnecessarily painful. We think project based hiring is one way to make it better.

If you love to code and have built awesome stuff, you should be able to leverage that to get a job. I mean, isn't that at the end of the day what matters? Not your degree or if you can invert a binary tree on a white board, but the fact that you can actually do the job?

Project Job's goal is to allow developers to be able to show case what they have built and ultimately match with employers who appreciate this.

Build your portfolio


Here is a quick overview of what you can do to build a portfolio on Project Job.

You can build a publicly shareable profile once you log in. The profile is empty but you can upload your image for a profile avatar and add some details of your job title and skills.

The bottom section has a list of your projects. You can add up to 3 projects to be featured in the projects list. This is your chance to stand out so give a nice overview of what went into building that project. Who knows if someone is looking for a dev to build them something like that!

Here is a quick example of yours truly adding a project.

And that's it! Your project is now part of our project listings. You can also share your profile as well as specific projects with the world. Who knows your future employer / cofounder / collaborator might be on the look out. :)